Week 2 Of Testing: Results

So after editing All Play from the first test session I received once more valuable feedback. Some of these questions I would like to point out and address as a designer. In patch 5.0 of All Play introduced the player to a games page, where they could try out designer made games with rules. For … Continue reading

First Day of Testing: Went Well!

So this day was especially important for beginning a community based around this simple yet evolving game project! Now another important aspect to this project is documenting both the conversation and imagery. Here is the main screen of the first session, I will supply documented images of this every week as it changes as well … Continue reading

Starting off on a Good note

http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/12224670 So I read this and felt much joy at the possibilities an article like this presents. Here is a prime example of how accessible game design can prove to be for any age, my question is what book this boy got a hold of….